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IAS Officers Who Quit their Job to Become Entrepreneurs

27 August 2019
IAS Officers Who Quit their Job to Become Entrepreneurs

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IAS is considered as one of the most prestigious professions in India. While many youngsters aspire to join the services, there are a few officers who quit their job to pursue another career. Here are 7 Civil Servants who left their charming positions to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Let’s have a look at their incredible journeys.

Dr. Syed Sabahat Azim

Syed Sabahat Azim is a Doctor and a former 2000 batch IAS officer who resigned from his duties to launch the affordable healthcare chain Glocal Healthcare Systems. It was the untimely death of his father that led Azim, a trained medical doctor, to launch Glocal in July 2010. As he said in an interview “My father died due to unnecessary treatments. I thought, if this can happen to me, a doctor and an IAS officer, what about others?” and hence he started to work-upon this idea. He was closely supported by Mr. M Damodaran, the former Chairman of SEBI who is also the Chairman of Glocal.

At Glocal, his team has come up with a protocol-driven model, where the computerized system will help a doctor automate the diagnosis of 42 diseases, ranging from ischaemic heart disease to malaria, which they identified as affecting 95% of the patients. Glocal, which runs a chain of 11 hospitals, relies on innovation in processes and design for cost-effective healthcare in small towns. Dr. Azim says each Glocal hospital is built for Rs 15 crore, half the cost of a regular 100-bed hospital.