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Our Services


Glocal Hospitals offer commendable ENT treatments and cure patients without any hassle.


Glocal serves to make its patients happy by taking care of their hearts and their smiles. The cardiology department is endowed with some of the most advanced amenities.


The orthopedic physicians at Glocal can boast of delivering the best ever treatment and medication to countless patients.


The department of ophthalmology offers one of the most advanced services to patients from different parts of India.

24 Hours Emergency

The 24 Hours Emergency facility provides round-the-clock emergency care for all age groups from children to the elderly.

24 Hours Ambulance

The 24*7 ambulances are used to ensure that people can be reached at any hour of the day in almost any region, weather or situation.

24 Hours Lab

The diagnostic labs of Glocal operating 24 hours are serving people by carrying out umpteen medical tests and examinations.

24 Hours Pharmacy

The 24 hours pharmacies facilitate patients and their families by supplying the necessary medicines as and when required.

24 Hours ICU

Glocal hospitals are well-equipped with 24 hours ICU facilities.

24 Hours Neo-natal care unit and Pediatrics

The 24 Hours neo-natal care unit and Pediatrics facilities offered by Glocal deserve special mention.

General Medicine and surgery

The areas of general medicine and surgery are some of the specialized areas of Glocal Healthcare.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Glocal has arranged for a number of facilities in order to make its gynecology and obstetrics departments in the rural areas at par with the ones in the urban setup.